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Main Company Activity

Design and manufacture of cast & fabricated Piston type Diverter valves, Drain Valves, Sampling valves, Injection valves, Disc type Diverter and Drain valves, Single Gate & Double Disc Slab Gate valves, Quick action Line blinds for pipe and equipment Isolation, Ball valves for critical and severe applications, subcontracting for machining and welding of urban equipment, and equipment for nuclear industry. With our products we serve the following markets: downstream oil & gas production, polymer industry, plastic recycling, production of chemicals, biomass industry, nuclear industry, pharmaceutical production, and boiler making.

Company Locations

Strahman United Process Valves, Mery France (Plant size 2000 m²)
Strahman MGS, Vaux sous Aubigny France (Plant size 3500 m²)
Strahman United Process Valves, Achern Germany (Sales Office)
Strahman United Process Valves, Shanghai China (Sales Office)

Company History

The company was founded in 1986. From the early days the company has been focused on the design and manufacture of engineered process valves, often for critical applications. In the years that followed the company built an international sales network with agents on all continents, kept adding major customers in key processes,
and got specified in many process licensing. In 2004 Strahman Inc. USA, a worldwide known manufacturer of piston valves and washdown equipment, acquired the company to add its unique valve designs and extensive experience in the design and manufacture of engineered process valves to the Strahman product portfolio. From 2004 to 2019, as part of the Strahman group, the Strahman Valves France team managed the worldwide sales, design, and manufacture of all engineered process valves within the group, allowing Strahman to substantially grow. The company continued to diversify into new markets such as downstream oil and gas processes. Products such as large piston type diverter valves for hydro slurry cracking as well as double disc and single gate slab gate valves used in oil cracking processes were added to the product portfolio. Due to fast growth, the company needed to expand its production capacity. To achieve this, in February 2019, Strahman Valves France acquired MGS, a former subcontractor of the company. A full second production plant in Vaux sous Aubigny, France with machining, welding, and boiler making capability was added. MGS continued to operate under the name Strahman MGS. In recent years special piston valves for plastic recycling, biomass industry, and valves for nuclear applications were developed and supplied to customers. In June 2023, the Strahman group was sold. Strahman Inc USA decided to focus on their standard products such industrial washdown and valve automation. The complete worldwide business of engineered process valves was acquired by the management of Strahman Valves France. They acquired 100% of the shares of both European based companies Strahman Valves France in Mery, France and Strahman MGS in Vaux sous Aubigny, France. Today the company remains focused on providing the best technical valve solutions to its customers. We do this using the many years of tradition, innovation, and commitment the company is known for.

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Strahman United Process Valves France
+33 (0) 4 79 35 78 00

Strahman United Process Valves Germany
Mr. Eberhard Mrazek
+49 (0) 170 9766629

Strahman United Process Valves China
Mr. Robin Sun
+86 189 1751 7369

Strahman MGS, Mr. Sébastien Collignon
Phone: +33 (0) 3 25 88 09 00

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Visit Strahman United Process Valves
136 Rue Sommeiller
ZA Savoie Hexapole
73420 Mery, France
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Rue Caron – Vaux Sous Aubigny
52190 Le Montsaugeonnais, France
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